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Super pleased with the great service and lawn care by Family Lawn Services! Kel and his team of lawn care professionals had a big cleanup job. We removed trees and therefore there were twigs, sticks and branches along with the need to mow and manicure our yard. They did a wonderful job getting our yard back to a beautiful state. Thanks for a job well done. I look forward to our next service!


Family Lawn Services keeps my yard looking great. Highly recommended!


Top quality work and some of the kindest people! Work extremely fast as well!! Definitely will be using them again in the near future :)

Expectional Services 

For the past five years, Family Lawn Services has been the trusted partner for families seeking exceptional lawn care. We specialize in creating lush, vibrant lawns that transform ordinary yards into outdoor havens. From regular mowing and meticulous trimming to seasonal fertilization and comprehensive landscaping, our services are rooted in quality and reliability. With a strong commitment to personalized care, we've built lasting relationships with our clients, making every lawn feel like home. At Family Lawn Services, we're not just maintaining lawns; we're cultivating happiness, one yard at a time.


Landscape Design and installation

Family Lawn Services offers comprehensive landscape and design solutions tailored to your unique vision. From stunning garden layouts to eye-catching hardscapes, our team blends creativity with expertise to transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise. Whether it's a cozy garden nook or a vibrant backyard retreat, we design landscapes that bring beauty, functionality, and joy to your home.

Grounds Maintenance 

Family Lawn Services provides top-quality grounds maintenance to keep your outdoor spaces looking pristine year-round. From regular mowing and precise trimming to seasonal clean-ups and weed control, our expert team ensures your lawn remains healthy and beautiful. We handle the details, so you can enjoy a lush, well-maintained landscape every day.

Sod installation

Family Lawn Services specializes in professional sod installation, offering you an instant, lush green lawn. Our team carefully prepares your soil, selects premium sod, and installs it with precision for seamless, healthy growth. Whether you need a quick lawn makeover or a new yard foundation, we ensure a vibrant, durable lawn that transforms your outdoor space.

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Egg Rock Installation

Egg Rock Installation

Black Mulch & Border Rock

Black Mulch & Border Rock

Pea Gravel

Pea Gravel

Raised Flowerbed

Raised Flowerbed

Red Gravel

Red Gravel

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn Maintenance

About Family Lawn Services 

With Us the Grass is Greener and Cleaner

Family Lawn Services is a dedicated professional landscaping business. We’re committed to earning a reputation based on vast landscaping knowledge and attentive customer care. Trust our expertise services with your grass, colorful flowers, and decorative concrete without lifting a finger. Our lawn care services have the skills and experience to transform your residential and commercial landscape. Contact Family Lawn Services for your landscaping needs.

  • Landscape Design and Installation

  • Outdoor Lighting 

  • Lawn Maintenance 

  • Tree and Hedge Trimming

  • Debris and Trash Removal 

  • Seasonal Cleanup

  • Sod Installation

  • Interior Demolition 

  • Gutter Cleaning

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